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  • Ascot High

  • Bridgeport High

  • Charlemont High

  • Enid Bennett High

  • KRL Ewarton High

  • Glenmuir High

  • Greater Portmore High

  • Mona High

  • St. Jago High

  • St. Catherine High

  • Old Harbour High

  • McGrath High

  • Vere Technical

  • Central High

  • Garvey Maceo High

  • Dinthill High

  • Guys Hill

  • Spaldings High

  • Jose Marti High

A Message from the LG Sitra Sunanon

Hello everyone! I am Sitra Sunanon and I will be serving as the Lieutenant Governor for division 3.

It is my utmost privilege to serve as your LG for the year 2021-2022. I am a persistent, dedicated and goal oriented 16 year old who attends Glenmuir High School. I believe that the greatest feeling is seeing the joy on someone’s face and being the cause of it. A feeling of which has been continuously felt throughout my time in keyclub. I enjoy doing art, playing the piano and spending time with my loved ones. 

As LG, I will make it my responsibility and duty to ensure that my division strives to its fullest potential. It is my goal to help the environment and our Earth on a whole, as well as to help those in need and put a smile on other’s faces. After all, that is what key club is all about and that is why it is my greatest pleasure to be a part of such an amazing club.


Sitra Sunanon Division 3 Lieutenant Governor [2021-2022]

To contact the LG or Zone Coordinator you can check the District Board page!


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