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  • B.B. Coke High School

  • Belmont Academy

  • DeCarteret College

  • Frome Technical High School

  • Grange Hill High School

  • Hampton School

  • Little London High School

  • Manchester High School

  • Mannings School

  • Munro College

  • St. Elizabeth Technical High School

A Message from LG Francesca D'Antonio

“It’s easy to get to that place where we only do things that we’re already good at doing. I love that place. But It’s not good for me.”

I’ve always relished being good at just about everything, but once I realized that was tied to my need for validation, I started to look beyond what I was good at and worked towards the things that would make me grow. This new season has found me stepping out of my comfort zone more frequently, speaking up, setting healthy boundaries and building community with peers who like me wants to serve our community.


Francesca D'Antonio, Division 7 Lieutenant Governor (2022-2023)

Zone Coordinator Jermaine Williams



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