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  • Brown's Town High

  • Iona High

  • Marcus Garvey High

  • Ocho Rios High

  • Oracabessa High

  • St. Mary High

  •  St. Hilda's High

  • Titchfield High

  • York Castle High

A Message from the LG | Nashae Baker

Key Clubbers how you feeling! My name is Nashae Baker and I will be serving as your Lieutenant Governor for the year 2021-2022.

It is a honour to be serving as LG for Division 2! I am prepared to go  to lengths for the success and improvement of my division. I am a student of the Jamaica College and as they say, "we are good at everything", I hope I am able to live up to the standards of a D2 LG.

Helping others is a passion of mine and is one of the main reasons I joined Key Club. I expect through the strength and working of my clubs that we will be able to help others as much as we can. It is in my desire that Key Club will have a great impact on not only the people of Jamaica but the entire world.

D1 LG nashae baker 2021-2022

Nashae Baker, Division 2 Lieutenant Governor [2021-2022]

To contact the LG or Zone Coordinator check the District Board page!